ISEE – NAC Conference 2023


June 19-21, 2023 | Oregon State University • Corvallis, Oregon

ISEE Session – Instructions

Oral Sessions – Abstracts accepted to an oral session will be presented as a 10-minute talk with 5 minutes for questions (total time: 15 minutes). There will be up to 6 abstracts presented at an oral session. There will be up to 2 moderators per each oral session who will open the session and ensure presenters remain on time.

Poster Discussion Sessions – Abstracts accepted to a poster discussion session will be presented as a 5-minute presentation with 4 minutes of questions (total time: 9 min). Posters can have the maximum dimensions of 4 feet x 4 feet (122 cm x 122cm). A poster discussion moderator will perform a short introduction to the posters, lead the group from one poster to the next, and moderate the 15-minute wrap up discussion of all posters. There will be up to 7 abstracts in a poster discussion session.

Lightning Talk Sessions – Abstracts accepted to a lightning talk session will be presented as a 5-minute talk with 2 minutes for questions (total time: 7 min). Lightning talks are encouraged to focus on visuals and limit the number of slides attempted to be presented within the 5 min time frame. We encourage presenters to consider a Pecha Kucha style talk which contains visuals only (no text) and have the slides automatically advancing every 30-45 seconds. There will be up to 12 lightning talks per session with up to 2 moderators per session to ensure presenters remain on time and keep questions brief.